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    Nyx Etiquette


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    Nyx Etiquette Empty Nyx Etiquette

    Post  NyxAdmin on Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:14 am

    Nyx Etiquette Etiqueban

    (Rules for Forum and Chat Box behaviour)

    The general regulations covered by this present declaration are for the sole purpose of preserving the harmony and pleasant atmosphere of Nyxheim, and not to tread or limit its members. It should be understood that while each separate department of the Nyxheim hierarchy may retain its own set of protocols, the following principles apply indefinitely to all Nyxies. The following directives are the expected behavior of each and every member. By participating in any and all the domains of Nyxheim a member thereby agrees to these terms of service and is susceptible to whatever restriction or punishment consequent to any violation of them. All rules are subject to change and amendment at any given time.

    1. Nyxheim is an Absolute Monarchy. Members possess no rights. They are entitled only to privileges, which may be seized at any time for any reason.

    2. The Golden Rule of Nyxheim is to be respectful at all times.

    3. To engage in spamming, harassing, discrimination, racism, defamation, threatening, unlawfulness, melodrama or display vulgar, obscene, racially improper, hateful, or libelous remarks and material are hereby and under all circumstances completely prohibited. Prudence is the Silver Rule.

    4. The use of an account belonging to another without permission is strictly forbidden. Members of the Nyxheim hierarchy with access to the Administration Panel or any form of special privileges are absolutely obliged to make their accounts inaccessible to those not entitled to such permissions.

    5. The use of the proper channel for questions, concerns, suggestions, or reclamations to any administrative policy or decision is imperative. In the Nyxheim Hierarchy are listed a series of departments in which the services of the forum and chat box are divided. Always consult with the appropriate representative for solutions to potential problems that relate to a given area of operation.

    6. There shall be no advertisement within Nyxheim unless it is related to Nyxheim itself.

    7. The use of property belonging to Nyxheim (such as articles, templates, lore, systems, or any other form of exclusive information) outside of Nyxheim is only acceptable if the one making use of the work is the sole author or if permission was granted by the Monarch or Royal Marshall. In the latter case appropriate credit must always be given to Nyxheim.

    8. Information present within the Nyxbook, Nyxheim's repository of lore, may be edited  and created by any member. However, prior to making such modifications a draft outlining intended additions, deletions, or other such alterations to a specific article must first be posted within the OOC section of the forum for sanctioning by staff.

    Specific Chat Box Etiquette

    1. Only members are permitted at the Nyxheim chat box. To this rule there exist only two exceptions; Potential Nyxies and Nyxheim Friends. A potential Nyxie is defined as one with evident interest in joining the community that is currently undergoing the process of becoming an official member. A Nyxheim Friend is one who possesses the imprimatur, which can only be requested by an official member, of a Knight, the Noble Magistrate, the Royal Marshall, or the Monarch. The Nyxie requesting imprimatur for their potential guest burdens the responsibility of educating them on matters pertaining to Nyxheim Etiquette. All regulations apply equivalently to potential Nyxies and Nyxheim Friends as they do members of Nyxheim.

    2. Nyxies may only use the Chatango accounts that are listed for them in the Member Accounts topic within Libras Compendium. Signing in as an anonymous user is adequate only if a Knight sanctions the act and the user is properly identified with a given name.

    3. Members are obliged to be refined and considerate toward others utilizing in-character (IC) personas within the chat box.

    Specific Forum Etiquette

    1. Neither information nor sentiments should be interchanged between in-character (IC) matters and out-of-character (OOC) ones.

    2. Members should be mindful of where they post within the forum, as certain locations allow limited activity reserved for specific individuals of the Nyxheim hierarchy.

    3. In order to authenticate events that may drastically alter the predetermined course of a storyline a member’s role-play character is taking part in they must consult with the narratives designated Game Master. In order to authenticate concepts of events that may significantly affect the lore of a distinct race or realm a member must consult with a Realm Master.

    "As much as we love and treasure freedom, sometimes we must make sacrifices so that the world flows harmonically and doesn't become a chaotic cacophony. So, only with the best intentions and having both the greater good and order of Nyxheim in mind we have agreed upon these rules." - His Royal Majesty

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